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Cegrell, Emma (2004) Analys av parathormon och joniserat kalcium i blod hos hund. Other thesis, SLU.

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The calcium homeostasis in the body is normally strict regulated to be kept within very narrow limits. This regulation is due to the action of parathyroid hormone (PTH) which is synthesized in the chief cells of the parathyroid glands. In different diseases, the calcium homeostasis is disturbed and this could either be due to a dysfunction of the parathyroid gland itself, or it could have a completely different explanation. To investigate disturbed calciumhomeostasis, ionized calcium and PTH can be analyzed from a blood sample. There are a lot of different assays to measure PTH in humans. Some of these assays can also be used on dogs. In this project a number of healthy dogs were used, and reference values for PTH for the Department of Clinical Chemistry, SLU, Uppsala, was established. The test method used is a "two-site PTH assay" (Coat- A- Count Intact PTH IRMA, from the DPC, Los Angeles, USA) and PTH has been analyzed both from serum and plasma. For analysis of ionized calcium (Ca2+), a micro-blood analyzer (iSTAT) has been used. This analyzer was borrowed from the distributor (Abbott Scandinavia AB, Solna) and is commonly used for human emergency treatment. Reference range for PTH in both serum and plasma and reference range for ionized calcium have been successfully obtained. The analysis of PTH requires a special treatment of the samples. The analysis is also quite complicated and expensive. Therefore, the question is if there is any profitability to set up this analysis as a routine-analysis. The analysis of ionized calcium requires some special equipment. This analysis from now on will be a routine-analysis in the Department of Clinical Chemistry.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Keywords: parathormon, joniserat kalcium, hund
Subject (faculty): Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science > Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Divisions: SLU > Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Depositing User: Staff EPSILON
Date Deposited: 23 Dec 2003
Last Modified: 18 Aug 2015 09:28
URI: http://ex-epsilon.slu.se/id/eprint/38

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