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Borg, Hanna (2007) Traktkilars inverkan på hovens glukos- och laktatmetabolism. Other thesis, SLU.

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The equine hoof is often manipulated in purpose to achieve a better stride or to reduce the weight on damaged tissue. The living tissue in the hoof can't store energy as glycogen and is therefore depending on a continuous supply of glucose for its energy production. The purpose of the study was to determine if wedging (i.e. elevating) the heel could influence the hooves glucose and lactate consumption/production. Five standardbred horses were trained to trot on a treadmill without getting physical or mentally tired. Before the experiment started three catheters were placed in vena digitalis lateralis (digital vein), vena jugularis (jugular vein) and arteria temporalis superficialis (facial artery). The horses trotted for three periods each on the treadmill with a high heel wedge, a low heel wedge or with a standard horseshoe in a randomized order. Blood was, simultaneously, collected via the catheters before and after each period. The blood was analyzed with reference to glucose and lactate. There was no significant difference in lactate or glucose as a result of exercising with heel wedges. However, the overall trend was that the lactate production increased with work while the glucose levels were reduced. A trend could also be seen in the glucose values in that the high heel wedge gave the largest reduction in glucose in the artery blood. It was relatively seen a smaller increase in the lactate levels in the hoof than in the rest of the body. The amount of exercise gave significant difference in lactate levels, i.e. the fact that the horses were running on the treadmill gave significance but which wedge they used made no difference. The lactate levels were at all sampling occasions significantly higher in digital venous blood than in blood from the jugular vein and the facial artery.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Keywords: hoof, heel wedge, glucose, lactate, metabolism
Subject (faculty): Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science > Dept. of Clinical Sciences
Divisions: SLU > Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Depositing User: Hanna Borg
Date Deposited: 19 Dec 2007
Last Modified: 18 Aug 2015 09:57
URI: http://ex-epsilon.slu.se/id/eprint/2093

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